About Us

Our Story.....

Raising good kids in this hectic world can be overwhelming at times...

As our three boys got older, our days became a blur of rushing around from first thing in the morning until we crashed, zombie-like, onto the bed at night.  Up early, make a healthy breakfast, pack healthy lunches, quick kiss before the daily grind began... run the kids to school, put in an honest days work for our employers, then hurry home to get this one from school, drop the other at practice, then back to the school to pick up the other, rush home to make a healthy dinner and help with homework questions, monitor what they were watching on TV and looking up online, gather everyone at the dinner table, then...

AHHHH PEACE :)  Everyone sitting together at the table over a meal talking, joking, laughing, catching up on the day.  That 30 minutes was priceless...

Then..... rush to clean up the kitchen, feed the animals, finish homework, last minute school projects that always seemed to pop up the day before they were due, then prep for the next day at work and school, check the BlackBerry (yes it was a BlackBerry back then!) to make sure nothing important was missed, and then sleepwalk to the bedroom and pass out for a few hours before starting all over again.  We were definitely caught in that cycle that is so easy to get sucked into.

In 2010 we found out we were expecting a little "surprise."  Boy, were we in shock!  Our youngest was 8 and our oldest was already 13!!  How were we going to fit a baby into our hectic lifestyle!?  That was a turning point for us.  We decided to make changes that would allow us to get back to basics like we had been craving for years.  In order to do that, we needed to create supplemental income that would allow one of us to stay home with the kids. 

Chuck has a knack for woodworking and a good reputation for his work in our area, he already had all of the tools and equipment on hand, so during the pregnancy he opened an Etsy shop to sell custom cornhole boards and gauge feasibility.  Things went well.  The kids enjoyed helping dad in the wood shop and we started to realize the benefits of this venture before Chuck even quit his job.  We had time to plant a big organic vegetable garden for the first time ever (something we had always talked about doing).  Oh the irony... We were growing our garden, our business AND our family with love and quality time!  We decided to take the plunge and Chuck put in his notice at work.

It’s been a really fun journey for our family!  Seven years later we are so happy we made the decision!  The quality time we got back through our small business is priceless.  Not only do we get 30 minutes of bliss at the dinner table, we get time every day and it’s great. 

Thank you SO MUCH for your support. 

When you purchase from us, you don't help pay for a corporate golf trip, you support a family trip to Disney World
When you purchase from us, you don't help pay for corporate club seats... You help us pay for our son to play lacrosse with his friends ♥
When you purchase from us, you don't pay for a CEOs beach vacation home, you support a family camping trip to the ocean
When you purchase from us, you don't help pay for a corporate training class, you help pay for a little girl's dance lessons ♥
When you purchase from us, you don't help pay for a corporate holiday party, you help pay for a little girl's birthday party ♥
Our customers are our shareholders and we strive to make them happy.  Thank you for supporting a small business!